Hiding Behind A Mask

Posted: October 19, 2011 in Uncategorized

 I just realized the problem that I have with some of the people doing the protest, in that they hide their face behind masks and bandannas. Wall Street needs to see the faces of America. Wall Street and the rest needs to see the faces that they are screwing over…

 As I think about it, the more that I grow deeper in my feelings about the events of the 1950s & 60s in the fight for Civil Rights. The people that marched in different places could of done it wearing mask, but didn’t, as they wanted the world to know and see who they were. They weren’t afraid who would see them.

 But I think about the protest that I see going on all over the world, and I do understand the wearing of mask in some cases, but here in the USA we aren’t protesting against large armies that are on our streets being directed by a dictator. But then again I think about one of the protest that happened in China a number of years ago where a man stood in front of a tank. He wasn’t wearing a mask.

 I also think about the protest that I know about here where the Clergy of this Episcopal Diocese have gone and shown their faces. They are not only showing their faces in what they believe in the protest, but they are also showing that they are showing that God cares.

 But I also think about some of the protest that have happened here in Oakland over the last few years, and I also think about some of the protest that I have seen via the news that have occurred all over this country and in the UK. Many of the people who cause damage wear mask. I guess that these people really aren’t there for the reason that the others gathered, but are only there to cause trouble. When I went to watch several protest that have occurred here in Oakland, on the news that night I would see people doing damage that I had seen earlier without their masks, but they had their mask visible when I saw them.

 I think that it is time for the media to stop showing those who don’t show their faces at protest. Don’t interview them, just interview those who show their faces during these protest, as they are willing to really be the face of the protest.

I think that one who truly believes in the cause that they are protesting about are willing to show who they are to the world. But then again, I could be wrong…


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