And The Rich Become Richer

Posted: October 30, 2011 in Uncategorized

  Ever since it went up at Frank Ogawa Plaza here in Oakland, I have been down or by the “Occupy Oakland” a number of times. Now I don’t have a problem with the protest, in fact in some ways I support it.

 With the one here, I wish that they had done it at another spot, as I think that the events that happened earlier this week wouldn’t of happened with so many police coming. I think that the police would of basically left them alone, and I think that they could really get more attention to them if they had gone to where I think that they should of camped out, but then again I have a strange mind, and it could be that very few people would of noticed it.

 While I was down at there today, some thing came into my mind, and I thought about talking with some of the people there, but I decided that I wouldn’t, as I may off been seen as a trouble maker.

 I don’t know why, but I have a feeling that the 1% that they are all against are somehow going to make money off of this movement. Seriously, I really do think that they will, but I don’t know how, but let me throw out some things that have crossed my mind.

 1) Through The Press – Now think about it. The press coverage that most people are seeing are through companies that are owned by very rich people. They have been putting this on their news shows, “Talking Heads” shows, in their newspapers, on their radio stations, etc. People are wanting to know about this movement, and this is where most people are finding out about it.

 2) Book Publishing – I am betting that within the next few months several of the major publishing houses will be selling books about this movement. So called “Experts” will be writing books about it, photographers will be publishing picture books about it, and other things will come out of it.

 3) Camping Equipment Companies – Ahhhhh, these people are sleeping in tents in sleeping bags, using camping equipment to cook, and so forth. I bet that if one were to look at the sales of this stuff over since it started, the numbers have risen.

 4) Oil Companies – The press and law enforcement have been flying helicopters over these encampments, and it takes fuel to fly them. Let’s not forget the fuel being used by the press trucks to get to the places. The film maker Michael Moore flew from NYC to Oakland, and I am sure that that it took fuel to get that plane in the air.

5) Hollywood – I bet their are people in Hollywood are hoping to get in contact with the guy who was hurt here so that they came make a story of his life? They really don’t see someone who was injured, but someone that they can make a buck off of. I am betting that Michael Moore will come out with a “Documentary” about this movement that will make him big bucks. Yes he may really support the movement, but the truth is that he also see a payday with it. I think that if he should do one, any and all profits from it should be given away to charities.

 There are also tons of other ways that these people are making money in some way that the rich  are getting richer off of this.

 Now I have nothing major against the movement, and I really do hope that they do get some changes made, but I really wonder if those changes will make a huge difference?

 Where I do pity the people involved is that some will find themselves in blogs, newspapers and other things that are and will be put out by groups that they really disagree with. I am wondering how many radical groups are going to try and claim that they were the ones that got this started, and how many will try this action in the future for their own cause?

 But I also wonder how many of these encampments will still have the same number of people in 6 months? How many of these occupations will no longer exist? How many of these people are really in for it for the long run?

 I am sure that the Republican Party will try and blame this whole thing on President Obama, but the truth is that they are as much to blame as he or any other person or group is. We already know that Congress will be useless for the next year, and President Obama will be blamed, but if they aren’t willing to work with him, they are as much at fault as he will be, if not more.

 How do you think that the rich will get richer off of this? I am really interested in reading your reply here on the blog.


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